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Canal Boat Holidays with Andersen Boats

Pet Friendly Boating Holidays with Andersen Boats

Pet friendly canal holidays All of our boats are pet friendly, and now 2 dogs can come absolutely free (max 3 dogs, additional dog £35). We are dog owners and understand how important it can be to find a dog friendly holiday. All of our boats are thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards before each handover, we provide the standard that we expect... which is very high. If you have any questions about bringing a pet, please give us a call...

Canal boating is a great holiday to discover amazing new areas of England and Wales with all your family, including your pets. The nature of our canal holiday routes means that you have a huge amount of dog-walking routes to discover. Each day you can all have a new tow-path to expore, a new woodland in which to have an adventure and just amazing times in places you just did not know were there. Travel along our waterways at a gentle pace and because our boats travel at only 4mph it’s not difficult to keep up if you and your dog feel like exploring whilst the boat is moving.

Top Tips for Dog Friendly Holidays

Canal boating holidays England and Wales
Llangollen Route
Chester Route
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